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This page is for the 5th generation of Kanzelmeyer family that came to the United States from Germany

If you know of a few connections not on this list, please let me know. -- Scott W. Kanzelmeyer


Reverse chronological order by birth date followed by birth place.

David Matthias Kanzelmeyer		2000-      Ypsilanti, Michigan
Simon Gareth Kanzelmeyer		1998-      Seattle, Washington
Jonathan Mark Kanzelmeyer		1996-      Ypsilanti, Michigan
Joel David Kanzelmeyer       		1990-      Indianapolis, Indiana
Gabriel James Christopher Kanzelmeyer	1988-      Reno, Nevada
Jonathan Christopher Reece Kanzelmeyer	1986-      Reno, Nevada
Kevin Michael Kanzelmeyer       	1986-      Lafayette, Indiana
Kayla Jo Kanzelmeyer       		1986-      Lafayette, Indiana
Joshua Crichton Kanzelmeyer		1985-      Bellflower, California
Randall Scott Kanzelmeyer		1984-      Lafayette, Indiana
Jamie Ray Kanzelmeyer			1978-      Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Shawnti Lynn Kanzelmeyer		1975-      Pleasant Valley, Connecticut

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