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This page is for the 2nd generation of Kanzelmeyer family that came to the United States from Germany

If you know of a few connections not on this list, please let me know. -- Scott W. Kanzelmeyer


Reverse chronological order by birth date followed by birth place.

?Baby Girl Kanzelmeyer			18??-18??  ?NY or Nebraska
Harry Herbert Kanzelmeyer		1893-1975  Republican City, Nebraska
Frederick Lewis Kanzelmeyer		1886-19??  ?Albany, NY or Nebraska
Arthur Franklin Kanzelmeyer		1885-1885  Albany, NY
Amelia Marie (Mollie) Kanzelmeyer	1882-1971  ?Nebraska or Albany, NY
Anna Kanzelmeyer			1880-1953  Nebraska
Margaret Kanzelmeyer			1878-1929  Nebraska

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