Known Kanzelmeyers Currently In Germany

During web searches over the last 6 months, I have been able to uncover the following names of Kanzelmeyers currently in Germany. I have no information as to how they are related and have no way of constructing or inserting them into the family tree at this time, but after I work on the US side of the family, I will trying to contact the German side of the family to try to work this out. For now, here is the list of known Kanzelmeyers.

  • Kanzelmeyer, A. ? Koeln ?
  • Kanzelmeyer, Adelheid Stuttgart
  • Kanzelmeyer, Angela Wilhelmshaven
  • Kanzelmeyer, Christian u. Adelheid Einhausen
  • Kanzelmeyer, Dieter Pulheim
  • Kanzelmeyer, Dieter u. Brigitte Stade
  • Kanzelmeyer, Gabriele Hüffelsheim
  • Kanzelmeyer, Günther Frechen
  • Kanzelmeyer, Heinrich Bruchhausen-Vilsen
  • Kanzelmeyer, Heinz Martfeld
  • Kanzelmeyer, Horst Wilhelmshaven
  • Kanzelmeyer, Johann Weyhe
  • Kanzelmeyer, Jürgen Seevetal
  • Kanzelmeyer, Jürgen Tostedt
  • Kanzelmeyer, Nele ?
  • Kanzelmeyer, Petra Bremen
  • Kanzelmeyer, Susanne Hamburg
  • Kanzelmeyer, W. C. ? Koeln ?
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