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Well, this is a first attempt at a homepage for the Kanzelmeyer family. The Kanzelmeyer name comes from the German words Kanzel, which means pulpit, and Meyer. I don't know the literal translation of the word Meyer at this time, but it has always been my understanding that the word refers to a community leader of some sort. This leads me to the conclusion that the name originally referred to a preacher or some other church leader. Mom and Dad feel that the word refers to a layperson who would read scripture for the congregation.

The intention of this page is to inform the curious about our family name and history, and to act as an on-line genealogy. I am also hoping that this may be a vehicle for contacting our European relatives. I plan to add more information on this page as I have time, but am working on the input of the actual genealogy information first.

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If you are a member of the Kanzelmeyer family, or are related in any way, please contact me so that you can be included on the page. Thanks for visiting.

Comments? Contact Scott W. Kanzelmeyer at webmaster@harrier.org

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